Stabilise your world with a Kenyon gyro


US-based Kenyon Laboratories have been making gyro stabilisers for nearly 50 years. Their latest models are sleek and compact and can be used to stabilise just about any rig, from a D-SLR to a broadcast camera with a zoom lens.

There’s no software required, no calibrating, and the gyro unit is built to last a lifetime. Great for use in tight spaces, on a game-drive vehicle or up in the air, the stabiliser eliminates camera shake in stills photography and guarantees a steady shot if you’re shooting video.

Not convinced? Check out the video below of San Francisco at dawn, shot hand-held from a Robinson R22 helicopter using a Canon 6D and a Kenyon KS 4×4 gyro.

We are the agents for Kenyon Laboratories in South Africa. If you’d like a quote for any of their gyros, please contact us.